Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fuck, it's Jason

"Hey. Take my photo in front of Early Man. I'm growing my beard out and you can track my progress by posting pics of it on your Metal Beards site. I'll be like your poster child."
-We'll put your photo up, but, yea, we already have a poster child and his name is Corey. Sorry Jason.

Zoroaster beards

Zoroaster beards are the winners...for now.

Salt-N-Pepa Beard.

Matt representing the Salt-N-Pepa beard at the Early Man show.

Gnarly Ginger Beard.

That thing is gnar, gnar, gnarly! Gnarly beard. We need to dedicate an entire section of Metal Beards to ginger beards. We will work on that...

Early Man Beards!!!

Hot Early Man beard love. Holla!!

Corey Lane

Vag Beard Corey.

Pizza Beard.

Hang ten, man. (he works at a pizza place, hence the title 'Pizza Beard'. kinda dumb, but I don't give a damn.)

Future Beard.

This is what Corey will look like in 10 years... not bad, not bad at all.